Collies vom Bopparder Hamm
Collies vom Bopparder Hamm

Q - Wurf      Donna v. Bopparder Hamm      x       Liberty Lincol´n Lady´s Bo Future          


                              HD-A/CEA/PRA/Kat-frei/                                          HD-A/CEA/PRA/kat-frei/MDR1(+/-)

                              BH/AD/RH1/IPO3/Fpr3                                               BH                                                                                                                                                 

Liberty Lincoln Lady Bo's Future



Heritage's Loyal Fellow Five C'S Neil Diamond Five C'S Mocha Ch. Afterhours Snowstorm
Karavel Afterhours Diva
Five C'S Chleo Sanctuary Forever Young
Brillant Krystal Knight
Hertitage Farms Lil Mary Wolf Manor Climb Every Mountain Valiant Leonine Star
Wolf Manor Pretty Woman
Wolf Manor Sensitive Moments Wolf Manor New Millennium
Wolf Manor Shoshone
Immortal Lady's Lenora Leonara Ch. Wyndlair Polaris Glenbracken Classique On Ice Hettherri Let It Be
Classique Simply Iresistible
Ch. Southland's Confederate Sky Ch. Southland's Rebel of Glory
Ch. Southland's Confederate Clouds
Immortal Lady's Florida Lexa Orient Express of Dawn Harbour Gemstone's Impulsive
West River's Westein Wind
Immortal Lady's Big Bear Lake Lucia Clarion Star Catcher
Play Girl of Dawn Harbour

Donna vom Bopparder Hamm



Charles vom Bopparder Hamm



Black Basko vom Knielohbach


McCloud's American Fighter Kings Valley Covenant
Black Alison von der Allerheide

Zenzi vom Königshof


Pascal-Carlo vom Windmühlenblick


Quendy vom Königshof

Canny Catja vom Schwarzen Blitz


Lisara's Lucky Andy Ch. Donnybrooke's Silvernite
Ch. Lisara's is Chasing Rainbows

Tara-Tora vom Windmühlenblick


Gollo vom Heidemoor


Mandy vom Windmühlenblick


Silver Cloud's Black Lakota Goldhill's The Peace Keeper Ch. McMaur's The Eliminator Ch. McMaur's The Challenger C.D.
McMaur's Take A Chance On Me
Gold Hill's Wing N A Prayer McMaur's Blackjack
Sonic's First Love
Edenrock Where There's Smoke Ch. Edenrock of Ages Ch. Edenrock Ace of Spades
Ch. Roane Hill Edenrock Dynasty
Edenrock Light My Fire Edenrock Replayed in Gold
Edenrock Moonmist Mirage

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Donna &  Tarquin

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